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    THIS IS A SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! Some of the links arent connected yet, check back soon:)

    Hiya, my name's Paul Duxfield but most folk barring family and really really old friends just call me by my nickname Duxy, by all means address me in mail, phone or in person as Paul or Duxy, I'm not precious use whatever you feel most comfortable using.  


    I have been into photography in all its flavours since I was young, I'm now in my early fifties and have been fortunate enough to work in photography since my late teens, mostly sales, but also taking photographs, and more recently teaching and writing about photography

    Whilst underwater photography occupies a lot of my waking hours, I am interested in all types of photography and firmly believe in the maxim of  "use it or lose it" so my cycle journeys to and from my daily work are oft delayed when an iPhone friendly picture opportunity presents itself. So this means that I also strongly believe in the idea of "the best camera is the one you have with you"

    I am a bit of a contradiction in that on one hand I could be described as obsessively geeky and on the other I like to convey the message that photography is more about the pictures and not the pixels, and I really don't give a damn if you have got the shot with something sophisticated or something very simple,in my world content will always be King.

    Outside of being a photo nerd I have a wonderful partner called Shelly who is slowly becoming a photo nerd by default. We have a lively Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Lily, and we like all the usual stuff,going for country walks, the cinema,music, eating out and good red wine etc etc.

    If you belong to a photography group or a dive club and would like me to come and give an upbeat and fun talk just drop me a line and we can discuss the arrangements.

    The opinions and thoughts expressed across this site are wholly my own and are not necessarily the same as my employers.

    Duxy 2016